This year on Stress Awareness Day, we’ll highlight what stress can do to a person and what you can do to manage it. As humans, we are used to feeling stressed or under pressure. Stress can, however, have a severe effect on your mental health, which is why it’s helpful to know tips and techniques that can help with reducing stress.

Advantages of mindfulness

Our bodies can benefit from mindfulness both mentally and physically. Exercises such as breathing and meditation have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Meditation may also be beneficial for those having trouble sleeping. Listening to a guided meditation before you fall asleep can help your brain control those racing thoughts.

Check out the resources below if you’re dealing with stress or looking to become more mindful through breathing and meditation. All can be found online, including right here on our website.

Online Resources: VR Courses and more

We offer VR courses that focus specifically on meditation and breathing:

Course: Breathing Exercises

Description: In these Nature based exercises, we remind ourselves of the power of Breathing. There are a range of exercises designed to help us relax or energize, manage any stress or anxiety, or simply help us move from one part of our day to the next. The exercises are 3- 5 minutes, and we explain the practice, talk it through and allow time for practice.

Cost: Free

Course: Meditation

Description: A wide selection of 360-videos that can be used in different meditation experiences.

In the Nature-based experiences, we can choose to spend time in a range of locations whether on the Beach, in a Forest or a beautiful Garden, or beside a Lake or an ancient church. As we sit in Nature we can listen to the Guided Mediation, Nature sounds, Music, or Drumming or chooses simply to sit in silence. We create a beautifully unique experience to sit, reconnect and refresh.

Cost: Free

Download these meditation apps for free

If you’re feeling stressed and trying to detangle your brain’s thoughts, you may find these free meditation apps helpful.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a key player in the meditation apps space, and they’re still one of the most popular apps in 2022. Featuring meditations from a variety of traditions and teachers, users have a wide selection of content to choose from.


For meditation beginners, Headspace’s vibrant design feels like a warm welcome. Try out the two-week free trial or check out their free mental health resources.

The Mindfulness App

Beat stress and meditate every day with The Mindfulness App. Every day, you can set a reminder to remind yourself to spend a few minutes being present.

There are many more you can find online tailored to your specific needs – all that it takes is a bit of research. Youtube also offers channels such as Calm and Great Meditation that offer daily meditations, both morning and nightime. 

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