It’s important to rest after a season of hard work, but the off-season can also be the perfect time to turn your attention inward and accomplish things that might seem impossible during the busy months. As your team waits once again for sunny days and busy work schedules, here are four things they can do.

1. Analyze and Plan

When your company’s focus is entirely on meeting deadlines and putting out fires, you heavily rely on your processes and systems. Now is the perfect time to closely look at all the information you collected during the second and third quarters of the year to determine if those processes and systems serve you well. Consider what went wrong and what went right and how you can improve your operations. Consider the following:

A thorough examination of past operations and reorganization for efficiency will pay off down the road. By knowing your business, you can approach new bids with a more organized and professional tone.

2. Learn and Network

Most North American construction trade shows happen during Q4 and Q1 because that’s when you can find construction leaders with time to attend.

Trade shows provide several benefits for participants, sponsors, and presenters. These benefits include:

You can maintain relationships outside of trade shows by networking online, reaching out to past clients, attending seminars, and attending trade shows.

3. New Technology Research and Implementation

Now is the time to invest in new tech improvements if you want to stay competitive. New tools are available regularly these days, which can save companies both time and money.

McKinsey’s 2017 study found that one of the biggest reasons technology tools fail to take root in companies is the lack of commitment and education surrounding their use. Hence, the off-season could be ideal for learning new systems, notes Kristen Frisa in an article for Device Magic.

The down months are a much easier time for recruiting and training new employees, as you have time to get everyone settled in before business picks back up.

Technology can significantly impact your company’s ability to make decisions if you find and use the right solutions. It’s worthwhile to take the time to learn them well and integrate them into your operations.

4. Rest, refresh, and revamp

During cooler months, contracting teams deserve a break. When you combine that R&R with activities that help your business, you’ll be in for a great season. Participating in trade shows, learning new technological implementations, and analyzing past business performance are all nice breaks from the daily grind on the Jobsite and can help your company grow and thrive in the future.

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