This course provides basic awareness about what a confined space is, how to recognize them, and how to access and control the hazards they pose.

In Ontario, construction projects are regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Ontario Regulation 213/91:(reference e-law). The legal requirements for confined space work in Ontario are set out in Ontario Regulation 632/05: Confined Spaces. This regulation specifies requirements for protecting workers who perform confined space work in construction, industrial establishments, mining, and other industries.

It is important to note that some work locations may not meet the definition of a confined space in Ontario but may contain hazards regulated by other legislation. For example, although a basement under construction or a trench may not meet the definition of a confined space, each location may pose unique hazards covered by Regulation 213/91: Construction Projects. In these cases, an employer must ensure compliance is met in each circumstance.

Unauthorized Entry:

This course does not provide the appropriate level of training for any worker to watch, enter, or perform work in a confined space. It is meant to create an awareness that in construction, the potential to work around a confined space is there, and you need to know how to protect yourself and others from the hazards of having a confined space on your job site.

Section 17 – of the Confined Spaces Regulation (O.Reg. 632/05) tells us that if there is a possibility of unauthorized entry into a confined space, the employer, or in the case of a project, the constructor, shall ensure that each entrance to the confined space.

Learning Outcomes:
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 1 hour