Course Description:

Welcome to the comprehensive course on Cultivating a Respectful Workplace, where the fundamental pillars of productivity, safety, and wellbeing intersect. In this transformative journey, we delve into understanding harassment within the context of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, addressing conflict-inducing factors, enhancing company reputation, and triumphing over biases in the workplace.

In a world where the workforce thrives on diverse perspectives and unique talents, fostering a culture of respect is pivotal. This course not only defines harassment within the framework of legal regulations but also empowers you to proactively address conflict catalysts, bolster organizational reputation, and dismantle biases that may hinder an inclusive workspace.

Who should take this course:

This course is carefully designed for a wide spectrum of individuals dedicated to creating an environment of respect and inclusivity. It is particularly relevant for HR professionals, managers, team leaders, business owners, and anyone committed to fostering a workplace that upholds the principles of respect, equity, and collaboration.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

Delivery Mode:

Self-Directed Online study via 24×7 access to individual learner account on user friendly LMS.


Accessible on laptop, desktop, and mobile devices using all browsers and Brightspace Pulse App (available in App Store and Google Play)


Minimum 80% score is required on the Final Assessment to receive Completion Certificate.


A digital Certificate of Completion is generated and stored within the LMS platform. PDF version is available to download and print.

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites for this course.