As business in the trades industry gets back to normal, the pandemic has highlighted that construction is facing a labour shortage. According to Statistics Canada, there were 915,500 unfilled positions in 2021.

Recently, Curiocity got in touch with us to get our perspective on the most in-demand trades jobs in the industry at the moment. A big perk of these jobs is that in most cases all you need is a certification or license.

Read below for a list of seven of the most in-demand trade jobs in the construction industry.


Power keeps everything running, whether it’s homes, offices, or industries. An electrician is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing everything electrical. Glassdoor reports that their average salary is between $61,297 and $97,232 per year. It comes as no surprise that this profession is in such high demand!


Carpenters work for construction companies, contractors, and maintenance departments; or may work independently. They construct, install, maintain, and repair structures made from wood as well as other materials. A carpenter can do everything from cabinetry, cementing, flooring and everything in between. They can also earn an annual salary of 87K (according to PayScale).

HVAC Installer/ Technician

Considering the fact that homes, offices, hospitals, and essentially all buildings need heating, cooling, and ventilation, the demand for HVAC Installers/Technicians won’t be going down anytime soon. Job Bank declared their median pay to be $66,500 a year with the top technicians taking home a good $100,000.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

This field is technically challenging but highly rewarding. It only takes one fault to stop the work or pose a safety risk. The average annual salary of Heavy Equipment Mechanics, including perks and benefits, is $123,880 according to Glassdoor.

Mechanical and Electrical Coordinator

It is important that the mechanical and electrical teams work together for efficient operation and quality, cost-effective results. The average salary of people skilled at the job is over $59K, with a maximum salary of $108K annually.


Welders make up yet another sought-after occupation in the industry. Welders are always needed at construction sites since metal is used in all structures, tools, and equipment. According to Jobs Bank, welders in Ontario earn an average of $24 an hour and $35.58 on average.


Whether it’s for a single house, a condo or a huge commercial building, plumbers are known for making a lot of money. With rates as high as $260 per hour, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most sought-after jobs in the trades.

A leaky toilet can be costly, but if you’ve ever had to replace one, you know it’s worth every penny.

These are some of the most sought-after trade jobs on the market, but many more are available on our job bank. Check out our jobs available and apply today!

Thank you to Curiocity for reaching out, read their article here.