The hard helmet is an important protective device for construction workers and underground miners. The design hasn’t changed since the year of 1919.

In the construstion industry, safety is paramount which includes adapting to new technologies. The hard helmet is often outdataed, why?

This question was posed by Jannatec Technologies (Jannatec), a Canadian communications company. Located in Sudbury, Ontario, the company specializes in mining and construction industry communications technology.

Jannatec has developed the ENSO SmartHelmet; an all-in-one hard helmet that improves safety and efficiency within the the construction and mining industry. The hard helmet can be equipped with cameras, communications, lights, and even contact tracing – a feature handy during this ongoing pandemic.

The ENSO SmartHelmet is like “a cellphone on your head,” says Mark Burnett. Jannatec’s Project Manager, Mark Burnett, explained on a phone call to us.

Burnett views the SmartHelmet as an entire “multifaceted platform,” not just a hard helmet. The rechargeable battery lasts for an entire shift.

The SmartHelmet improves communication and offers a variety of services, including:

Additionally, the tracking system on the hard helmet directly links to a database overground, which tracks data on who was where and when. Thanks to the ENSO platform, the new technology allows workers underground or on construction sites to know what’s around them.

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