Technology in the construction industry is dramatically reshaped by Artificial Intelligence that eliminates inefficiencies and low productivity.

Assisted by augmented reality and virtual reality, robotics, drones, and additive printing, construction professions can expect more novel, valuable transformations soon.

HD Surveying and Geolocation used in construction

Projects are delayed because of discrepancies in ground conditions. High-definition photography, 3-D laser scanning, and geographic information systems enhance accuracy and speed.

5-D Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM is a digital representation of a project’s physical and functional aspects, which forms a reliable basis for decisions during the project’s life cycle. Technology augmented reality technology via wearable devices can be further enhanced by 5-D technology, transforming the construction industry.

Digitizing Collaboration and Mobility

The benefits of digitizing workflows are immense; they can help you manage designs, materials, schedules, crew management, and more.

New Construction Materials

Aerogels, self-healing concrete, and nanomaterials are among the new materials that can lower construction costs, speed up construction, and improve quality.

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