The construction industry can often be a dangerous and competitive field, so it is vital that women have access to resources tailored to their needs. A growing number of companies and associations are taking steps to promote women and educate young women on the opportunities available to them.

In honour of Women in Construction Week, which takes place the first week of March each year, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to support women in construction. Whether you’re in the construction industry or not, it is important to spread awareness of the increasingly important role of women in the construction industry.

Here are 10 ways we can support women in the construction industry.

  1. Offer mentorship and advice.
  2. Support the career growth of women of all ages.
  3. Acknowledge that women do face workplace disparities.
  4. Create a workplace that supports working moms and flexibility.
  5. Celebrate the accomplishments of women in the industry ALL year round.
  6. Pay women what you pay men for the same job.
  7. Create a safe workplace for women to address issues as they arise.
  8. Sexual harassment and discrimination exist – if you see something, say something!
  9. Recommend a woman for a key role or project.
  10. Invest in women, sponsor them, and encourage them to complete courses and get their certification!

Women in construction, though growing, are often still considered a rarity. We should welcome the opportunity to uplift, partner, employ and advise fellow women in construction. Providing women with protection and empowerment is key to encouraging them to not just join, but thrive in the industry.