In Kelly Braun’s experience, being a woman in construction was never out of the ordinary. Kelly Braun’s mother had worked alongside her dad in their family business. As a result, this led Kelly to be inspired to be co-owner of Kraun Electric. In other words, to shed light on women in construction.

Women in Niagara (WIN), a council of the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce (GNCC), presented the annual Women in Business Awards to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Niagara’s business and non-profit leaders.

The awards were recognition for entrepreneurship, community contribution, the arts, non-profits, science, and health care.

In addition, it was Braun who received the Entrepreneur Award. This impact will affect how females view women in construction.

During her acceptance speech, Braun thanked her mother at the GNCC in Business Awards on Nov. 19.

“I’ve seen more young women applying to the trades this past year than I did in my 24 years prior to that combined,” Braun said. “For young women, try it, do it, get out there. Work with your hands. Get dirty. There is no ceiling. There are amazing jobs to be had in the construction industry.”

As a woman in construction, Braun started her journey as a full-service electrical contractor 25 years ago with her brother and father. The company has grown from four employees to over one hundred as more women enter the skilled trades.

Subsequently, females make up 43 percent of the company’s leadership team, higher than the global average of 29 percent.

Braun aims to encourage more women to pursue leadership roles in business, politics, and communities.

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